Business in Society

Empower the private sector to engage in transformational social projects.

As part of our integrated, people-centred and inclusive solution design, RED works to connect the private sector with Society with a specific attention to Business-related Human Rights management, Inclusive business and Social Investments.

A Responsible World

Sustainable and responsible business practices are more relevant than ever. Not only to protect a company’s reputation and shareholder value but to collaborate on finding solutions to increasingly complex global issues. Be it climate change, mass migration, poverty alleviation and quality of life, adherence to human rights and equitable access to resources as well as products and services, sustainable and scalable solutions can only be developed if the private and the public sectors share resources and innovation capacity and engage in collaborative initiatives.

Our Involvement

Through its highly qualified professionals with more than 20 years of private sector experience in various industries and in almost all regions of the world, Agency RED has an excellent understanding of corporations and the requirements, challenges and sensitivities of the private sector. We have a wealth of experience in talking and convincing to the C-Suite but also the skills required to relate to the shop floor and host communities as well as NGOs. Additionally, we see ourselves as brokers in bridging private sectors interests with societal needs and enabling cross-sector partnerships. As such, our offer ranges from strategy development to project and partnership management with a focus on expectation management and development of social and inclusive businesses.

Business-related Human Rights Management

We support the private sector in detecting and managing business-related human rights risks and positively contribute to society’s adherence to human rights.

Our Services

  • Conduction of awareness-raising Business and Human Rights workshops (for employees, management, board)
  • Development of a company’s Human Rights Management System
  • Categorization of a company’s human rights-related risks present in the business environments and development of a mitigation plan
  • Human Rights Due Diligence
  • Conduction of Human Rights Impact Assessments
  • Mediation and Conflict-Resolution

Inclusive Business

We assist the private sector and community actors to develop inclusive business models that create a revenue stream for the company while at the same time contribute to providing solutions (products or services) to non- or underserved stakeholders.

Our Services

  • Community needs and capacity assessments
  • Identification and development of inclusive business models that match a company’s expertise and core business (or innovation potential) with stakeholder needs
  • Strategy development in terms private sector contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Management of multi-sector teams

Social Investments

We insert the private sector into the society in a way that contributes to the development of neighbouring communities and society in general as well as to enable a positive collaboration between a company and its stakeholders.

Our Services

  • Needs Assessments
  • Project Identification and development
  • Project/Program Assessment
  • Social Impact assessment
  • Partnership Brokerage
  • Development and conduction of volunteering programs

Highlighted Projects