Advice, Recommendation and Action Plan for Master Planning and Heritage Protection of Greater Yangon

Partner Organizations :
European Union Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Programme (DIPECHO) and the consortium of NGOs - Oxfam, ACTED, Save the Children and Handicap International.

Year - 2016

Location - Colombo, Kilinochchi and Mullativu (Sri Lanka)

National authorities of Myanmar and local stakeholders of Greater Yangon required technical assistance to define their strategy for the conception of a comprehensive and concise synopsis of existing master plans for urban development, co-constructed with the aforementioned stakeholders. Assistance was also required in strategizing the preservation and enhancement of the architectural heritage of Yangon through the emblematic ‘Warehouses Project’. In addition, the identification of the capacity building requirements to support these authorities in this large-scale integrated urban development project was also carried out. The project resulted in the identification of USD 15 million in investments for the advancement of Yangon’s urban infrastructure.