Strengthening Community and Institutional Resilience to Natural Hazards in Myanmar

Partner Organizations :
European Union Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Programme (DIPECHO) and the consortium of NGOs - Oxfam, ACTED, Save the Children and Handicap International.

Year - 2016

Location - Colombo, Kilinochchi and Mullativu (Sri Lanka)

The primary objective of this project was to reduce human, social, economic and environmental losses that resulted from natural disasters across coastal and urban areas of Myanmar. This was interwoven with a secondary objective to increase resilience of institutional authorities and unguarded communities in such vulnerable areas. The baseline survey that was carried out in this regard validated the project logical framework indicators and targets, while also providing a global overview of the prevalent situation of the institutional and physical environment of the project. The baseline status of the project indicators were measured to provide a basis for comparison and impact assessment on completion of the project.