Sustainable development

Advisory services to support our clients implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030

Focusing on developing countries, Agency RED provides donor agencies, publics institutions and NGOS comprehensive services in the area of international development aid with a specific attention on environmental and social matters

A new paradigm shift

The Agenda 2030 structures all official development assistance interventions by donors. This means achieving 17 ambitious targets in less than a decade (see UN website), at a time when the global context is marked by rising interest rates, greater difficulty in accessing credit, a major ecological crisis linked to global warming and the loss of biodiversity, a foreseeable shortage of raw materials andan energy crisis in the face of galloping demographics, and greater instability in political regimes.

Ambitions have been raised – from the eradication of disease, poverty, hunger and pollution to the realization of a decarbonized economic model – when the economic and social context is more complex and requires the impacts of each project to be increased; with stable resources.

In terms of development, Agency RED focuses on 4 main issues :

The first challenge is to deal with climate change, which requires us to become more resilient as natural and human disasters multiply; The second is to better manage the scarcity of resources, notably water – water stress is increasing worldwide – ,sanitation and solid waste; In addition, the world’s high population and fertility rates are leading to significant rural exodus and urban density, refugee flows, unemployed young people lacking qualifications and opportunities, and a constant need to combat poverty. Finally, the focus is on the loss of life (biodiversity) and pollution of our planet (water, soil, air).

Agency Red focuses on the environmental, social and good governance aspects of the projects we assist you with; helping you to reduce risks, improve the environmental footprint and impact of development programs, and simply adapt. That’s why our values are: “forge resilience, unlock empowerment & foster development

Our Involvement

Agency RED is an international player in sustainable development and CSR consulting, placing people at the heart of development projects. RED bridges the gap between crisis management and longer-term development by involving a wide range of experienced professionals and offering an integrated range of services. In terms of sustainable development, we aim to help our customers achieve 4 major goals:

– Enable aid effectiveness; i.e. design realistic and operational projects from the outset, limiting delays and cost overruns; if necessary, support the customer in restructuring projects; and avoid any bureaucracy or demotivation of the teams in charge of project management.

– Optimize leverage and impact; i.e. manage budgets according to the desired impact, with the best value for money and the best allocation of capital expenditure; with a long-term vision.

– Supporting cash-strapped customers in prioritizing investments and public policies; encouraging self-financing and the creation of sustainable models, limiting the need for public investment and subsidies;

– Promoting full ownership by the final beneficiaries from the outset – through a joint construction approach and a genuine diagnosis of needs – to ensure the best use of public funds and the success of each project; aware of the constraints of all stakeholders (financial, technical, political).

Agency RED’s offer is aimed at supporting our customers, providing them with a quality service at the best possible cost, with complete objectivity and through experienced professionals

Areas of Expertise

Facing with the climate change: adaptation, mitigation and resilience

  • Decarbonated Power Generation & NCRE
  • Energy efficiency (building, grids)
  • Embedded DRM
  • Mass transportation & soft modes.

Demographics & fight against poverty

  • Developing employment & HRM
  • Family planning & sexual and reproductive health
  • Industrial transformation and relocation
  • Entrepreneurship & SME development

Fighting against hydric stress and pollution

  • 3 pollutions (water, soil, air)
  • Watershed management (IWRM), Flow management
  • Utilities management (Water, irrigation, sanitation, solid waste)
  • Biodiversity preservation

Livable cities

  • Urban planning and eco-cities
  • Smart & resilient cities
  • Affordable housing & Access to finance
  • Heritage preservation & regeneration
  • Cultural and recreative urban areas

Our Services

  • Planning & strategy papers (iNDC, Adaptation strategy, climate plan, roadmap)
  • Sectorial strategy documentation (Master plan, Business model, roadmap)
  • Baseline survey
  • Identification and diagnostic studies
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Complete feasibility studies
  • Social and environmental impact assessment
  • Gender survey & Gender Action Plan
  • ESMP inc. Stakeholder engagement plan & Resettlement Actions Plans
  • Project management & coordination
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Public consultation & Procurement support
  • Full delegation

Highlighted Projects