Business & Public intelligence

Analytical services to improve the performance of your operations and financials, specifically on public policies and management.

With strong skills in public and private business analysis, RED offers a comprehensive performance and impact audit and consulting service to help you prioritize your spending and investments towards sustainable growth.

Our Involvement

Our offer is designed to optimize the financing of private and public players, and the operational performance of customers, with a focus on the self-financing of commercial services, and the proper regulation and planning of public spending and investments. Private and public sectors are not mutually exclusive. In both cases, it is necessary to optimize investment, restructure and reduce structural and financing costs. Many public services can be improved, outsourced or redesigned. The business climate must improve in the poorest countries to accelerate their growth: thanks to a better risk/reward. Strong gains in productivity and efficiency are needed.

We offer you services to outsource the management of certain missions (like PPPs), to reduce your structural costs and turnaround times; to increase the self-financed portion of programs and boost public revenues; to improve the efficiency of your operations while reducing your risk.

At Agency RED, we believe that people must be at the heart of this change of economic and social model: talents must be built, trained and supported.  Managers in both the public and private sectors must anticipate the many challenges of the future. Employees and civil servants must be consulted, motivated and become true actors of this inclusive change.

From easy money to financial burden

The way we do business and carry out public policy is profoundly affected by the ecological and social crisis. Climate change, the need to relocalize the economy and develop industry – more electrified, cleaner – the shortage of raw materials, the need to train and find a qualified workforce, to redevelop sustainable agriculture: many changes have been initiated. In the era of the 4th industrial revolution, jobs are being transformed by developments in information technology (like AI), logistics costs are rising, financing is more expensive due to rising interest rates, inputs are more expensive due to a shortage of raw materials, and inflation is pushing up labor costs. Once needs to secure its inventories, its supply chain, its skilled workforce and our suppliers. Companies in Western countries must seek growth in Southern countries, which in turn must increase their added value.

Governments must improve the business climate (risk/reward) and manage ever-growing needs with resources that are not increasing as fast. Furthermore, they need to accelerate investment in the ecological and social transition, which requires profound changes in the management of public spending and a new prioritization of resources

A Responsible World

Sustainable and responsible business practices are more relevant than ever. Not only to protect a company’s reputation and shareholder value but to collaborate on finding solutions to increasingly complex global issues. Be it climate change, mass migration, poverty alleviation and quality of life, adherence to human rights and equitable access to resources as well as products and services, sustainable and scalable solutions can only be developed if the private and the public sectors share resources and innovation capacity and engage in collaborative initiatives.

Our clients

High added Value services to support SDG and CSR

  • Private Ltd (SMEs)
  • Government
  • Local Gov Unit
  • Public bank & financial institution
  • Utilities (board, office etc)
  • Public companies
  • PPPs
  • SPVs

Supporting public leaders to trigger transformational change

  • Public policy advisory services (related to SDG); survey, policy matrix, impact assessment.
  • Public financial management; budget, optimization exercises, prioritizing investment and spending, risk mitigation, leveraging.
  • Foresight and planning exercises.
  • Coaching public leaders, regulatory agencies, board of directors, Executive committee.
  • Decision-making tools and planning
  • Capacity building programs for PMUs. study tours, training centers.
  • Economic sector structuring & PPP.
  • Audit of public services and entities; diagnostic, financial and operational performance assessment.
  • Public procurement services (code, guidelines, optimization, reduction of cost).
  • Project remediation (Management of costs and delays, revamping).

Supporting your business to improve CSR and inclusivity – to private and public companies:

  • Advisory services on funding growth/ cash flow management.
  • Services to improve BS gearing and reduce risk.
  • Financial & performance audits .
  • Assistance on international development, foresight & market studies.
  • Strategic documentation (B-Plan, modelling, roadmap) & stress tests.
  • CSR services (ESG) & Change management.
  • Coaching & brainstorming exercises & ownership workshops.
  • Stakeholders mapping/Partner research.

Highlighted Projects