In order to respond to the inadequacies posed today by a fragmented and sequential approach of development aid, RED proposes tailor-made technical assistance solutions that respond to the cross-cutting challenges of stability and development in crisis and post-crisis regions.  Being part of an industry-wide paradigm shift, our ambition is  to accompany and strengthen the stability-development continuum through an innovative, global and multimodal action.

We focus on three avenues of intervention:

Crisis Response

Agency RED provide consultation in various degraded environments in Africa and Central Asia, to support international organisations and NGOs to provide assistance to the most vulnerable.

Development Aid

Focusing on developing countries, Agency RED provides donor agencies, public institutions and NGOs comprehensive consultation services in the area of international development aid with a specific attention on urban communities.

Business in Society

As part of our integrated, people-centred and inclusive solution design, RED works to connect the private sector with Society with a specific attention to  Business-related Human Rights management, Inclusive business and Social Investments.


Our work is geared to facilitate transformational development in order to strengthen, encourage and empower vulnerable individuals and communities. To achieve this vision of inclusive growth, RED collaborates with a wide range of actors, nurturing mutually enriching relationships and fostering sustainable development.

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We believe in people and expertise. Meet our team and the specifics we encompass to ensure we deliver only but the best for all our assignments.

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Committed to maximising the impact of social engagement, RED provides comprehensive solutions to ensure success of the projects, at any stage of their development. 

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Through a diverse portfolio of past projects implemented across 15 countries, we have proven our capacity to work in a variety of fields, be it at the grassroots or at the policy and planning level.

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